This post is about fulfilling a promise to someone with promise. LG joined our internal communications team six weeks ago as an intern.  I’ve been line managing and mentoring him. He has a communications degree, some outstanding short-term print and broadcast work experience, and a go get ’em attititude.  But he is also hungry – … Continue reading

Very Slow of Me

Why, oh why, oh why, oh why (to quote Points of View) did it take me this long to realise that there’d be a WordPress app for my phone? How very slow of me. You can expect a lot more drivel from me now. And a bit of a rethink on what I blog, what … Continue reading

Turning Over a New Leaf

Turning Over a New Leaf

Right, this is my declaration that I’m disinterring my blogging mojo.  It’s time to come back. There’s a lot in my head – which it would benefit me to articulate in words (it may not benefit you much though!). Future topics are likely to include: SharePoint Vs Intranet How to evaluate team briefing More on … Continue reading

Social Capital & Knowledge Exchange: Blogging Inside the Enterprise

You may think I’ve been unusually quiet recently, but I’ve been diverting my energies into other channels, including a guest spot at Simply Communicate a site that collates advice, toolkits and templates covering every aspect of internal communication inside organisations. Here is a taster: Internal blogging can give us: The ability to get to know … Continue reading

Breasts = Google Gold

Thanks to Laura Dewis for the mention: And congratulations to vblogger of the month, Casey Leaver, for getting the most views in the video blog series on “What YouTube taught me” for Getting abreast of your health. Wonder why videos with sperm and breasts in the title got the most attention? Although, I am rather … Continue reading

I Do Try New Things

So today I’m trying Moblog – you can text or MMS updates. Some examples of Moblogs that work. And my first post of last night’s Warwick staff party (I do  old things too).  I promise I was only there because it was Sam’s last gig with the Re:Offenders before moving to Brighton to be Director … Continue reading

Blogging Mojo

My blogging mojo has returned.  I lost it for quite a while there – but the important thing to remember is, it’s just like a diet, if you fall off the wagon, don’t give up altogether just start again…. A lot of colleagues used to ask me how I found the time to blog – … Continue reading


Writing about Leaver, C. (2007, May 21). Employee engagement: Linkages with the Sears model. Warwick Blog [online]. Retrieved May 23, 2007, from On a vanity google trawl the other day I found this…. (It’s important to keep an eye on online reputation management I think!) I have to say that I was very … Continue reading

What do we do with this Facebook thing?

Adapted from Well, Everything has to Start Somewhere on our work blog. And more than that, to quote Jane Magé (a former boss): We are where we are, let’s see where we can go from here. A quote which I find useful for a variety of occasions… So, we’ve got this Facebook presence – what … Continue reading

The Spirit of Web 2.0

Writing about I went to rather a depressing conference last Wednesday.  And it left me feeling like this <= To cut a long story short I had not chosen wisely.  Whilst the topic seemed relevant and appropriate the audience at which it was pitched did not really include me. The other attendees and the … Continue reading