2009 is for Fun

I’ve wanted to do one of these lipsynch things for ages…  Come on, who’s with me? As my friend L says (I’m paraphrasing) 2009 is designated for fun. Says the lady who is in bed with the laptop and the cat on her lap at 21:41 (and has been here since 19:30).  The first day … Continue reading

Party Preparation

The most difficult bit so far has been compiling a list of must have songs for the DJ. This is a difficult list to make, cos it’s not about showing your cool credentials, it’s about thinking what I’m likely to want to dance to when three sheets to the wind, what my friends and family … Continue reading

I Do Try New Things

So today I’m trying Moblog – you can text or MMS updates. Some examples of Moblogs that work. And my first post of last night’s Warwick staff party (I do  old things too).  I promise I was only there because it was Sam’s last gig with the Re:Offenders before moving to Brighton to be Director … Continue reading

Because it’s been too long

The Rifles at the SU Tonight

Edie Sedgwick, Anna Karenina, Arlene Dahl.

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

I’m Wearing My New Headphones

Headphones On Means Concentrating

I Want Your Voice