Social Capital & Knowledge Exchange: Blogging Inside the Enterprise

You may think I’ve been unusually quiet recently, but I’ve been diverting my energies into other channels, including a guest spot at Simply Communicate a site that collates advice, toolkits and templates covering every aspect of internal communication inside organisations.

Here is a taster:

Internal blogging can give us:

  • The ability to get to know our colleagues as people and individuals encouraging give and take.
  • An easier way of building networks of like-minded or useful people.
  • An easy way to find out what colleagues are working on (and joining the dots with our own work).
  • An easier way of finding out what people extracurricular interests and skills are (and harnessing them).
  • The ability to scan the internal environment, take a reading of the organisation’s mood, and spot and pre-empt issues.
  • An easy way to get a rounded sounding on ideas and test out theories or approaches – both by yourself by beginning to articulate ideas for the first time, and with others as a community of interest which helps to test and build the idea.

Read the full article.

5 Responses to “Social Capital & Knowledge Exchange: Blogging Inside the Enterprise”
  1. caseyleaver says:

    Points mean prizes – who knows what the picture stands for?!

  2. Steve Rumsby says:

    Moonlighting, of course.

    What do I win?!

  3. caseyleaver says:

    You win a Casey goody bag which will be dispatched to your work address!

  4. Steve Rumsby says:

    Do you have to be a certain age to recognise it, I wonder? I’ve not seen Moonlighting on TV for a very long time…

  5. bouncybaby says:

    Some walk by night
    Some fly by day
    Moonlighting stranger
    we just met on the way….

    Dammit, that’s gonna be in my head all week now. *grump*

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