Who do you want to work for?

Recently it struck me that we have been selling in a presentation about values creation wrongly. The main body is fine – all about linking values and behaviours and perception – and we’ve been getting there in the end. But we’ve been starting on the wrong foot by showing a number of logos and asking … Continue reading

What’s a Physics?

Thanks to Daily Mash for providing this pastiche of our week in Ofqual Comms: CONCERNS have been raised over the standard of science teaching after it emerged thousands of GCSE pupils could not tell the difference between a microscope and a frog. Question Two: Which one is the frog and which one is the miocropscope? … Continue reading

Am I Brave Enough?

No. But thanks for the offer (which arrived by email). It’s all a bit Dove advert. But at least better than this (which I saw in Heat), models recruited from amongst Katie Price’s fan base. All that said – you can never knock the Bravissimo undies.  Best bras in the world.

Our Panel Said

Follow up to https://caseyleaver.wordpress.com/2008/08/11/what-would-i-watch-a-video-on/ Well, first things first, I needn’t have worried in the least about the attitude of our focus group attendees.  Those that managed to make it were the nicest group imaginable.  So a big thanks to them for that! What were the results of our extremely unscientific, back of a fag packet, … Continue reading

Internal Marketing Myth

I am raising the profile of something that was buried in a comment on another post because it’s topical again…  at least for me… And also because I am looking to be challenged.  Come on, stretch my thinking… Chris May asked: Anyway, I was curious about this: “Since arriving at my current institution I’ve noticed … Continue reading

BA Own Goal – A Terminal Case Study

Writing about http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7317909.stm And http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/heathrows-big-day-is-terminal-embarrassment-801743.html Wow! This is a management, PR & Internal Comms case study in the making. I can see this being on the CIPR course next year… The thing that stood out most for me though was the amount of coverage pointing to underinformed and poorly trained staff – from issue with … Continue reading

The Man With No Name

I have always loved Westerns.  And I have always loved Clint Eastwood: particularly in Westerns and in Dirty Harry; but I will make no excuses for Play Misty for Me. But his best role for me, and one that he has played variations of throughout his career, is The Man With No Name. The Man … Continue reading

What do we do with this Facebook thing?

Adapted from Well, Everything has to Start Somewhere on our work blog. And more than that, to quote Jane Magé (a former boss): We are where we are, let’s see where we can go from here. A quote which I find useful for a variety of occasions… So, we’ve got this Facebook presence – what … Continue reading

The Spirit of Web 2.0

Writing about http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/tlig/comms/feb08/prog.htm I went to rather a depressing conference last Wednesday.  And it left me feeling like this <= To cut a long story short I had not chosen wisely.  Whilst the topic seemed relevant and appropriate the audience at which it was pitched did not really include me. The other attendees and the … Continue reading

Is Intensive Farming Coming Home to Roost?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist it.)  I am very much enjoying Channel 4’s Chicken Season so far and have booked the sofa for Friday night for the Jamie show. One of the most interesting bits for me however has been watching the supermarket and farmers’ PR reactions.  Yesterday, for example, I received a letter from Judith Batchelor, … Continue reading