This post is about fulfilling a promise to someone with promise. LG joined our internal communications team six weeks ago as an intern.  I’ve been line managing and mentoring him. He has a communications degree, some outstanding short-term print and broadcast work experience, and a go get ’em attititude.  But he is also hungry – … Continue reading

Charlotte G’s Malteser Cake

Box or large bag of maltesers 12 crushed digestive biscuits 4oz (125g) margarine 1 tbsp syrup 6oz (175g) chocolate Topping – 11oz (325g) chocolate Melt the margerine, syrup and chocolate Add malesers and digestives Press mixture into a tray/dish Allow to cool Topping – Melt the chocolate and cover the base Allow to set in … Continue reading

What’s a Physics?

Thanks to Daily Mash for providing this pastiche of our week in Ofqual Comms: CONCERNS have been raised over the standard of science teaching after it emerged thousands of GCSE pupils could not tell the difference between a microscope and a frog. Question Two: Which one is the frog and which one is the miocropscope? … Continue reading

Cabinet Office Employee Engagement Kit

Writing about The Cabinet Office has put together an amazing pack on an approach on Employee Engagement (complete with survey).  The contents of this post, which is a draft of a paper that I am putting together for our Management Committee, is shamelessly stolen from the pack. I should also add here (adhering to … Continue reading


So, a week in to my new apparatchik position, what have I done: Spent the inevitable half of every day on the phone to desktop support trying to get all my new systems working Conspired with the Learning & Development bloke and the Web bloke to made changes Sent out an all-staff email round up … Continue reading

An easy mistake…

The Grand Unveiling

Ta da!  The IC benefits are two-fold, firstly vastly improved information architecture (for which I can take no credit) and a news and events system which now allows you to manage news as opposed to publish in a linear, chronological fashion. We can now manage what appears on the homepage and in what order which … Continue reading


Spurred on by Karen’s lovely comment (thank you) I’m giving you an update…. Saying “things have been a bit busy lately” doesn’t really seem to cover it.  And it’s not even all that true.  I just haven’t felt like doing things, or talking to people in a cheerful manner, or addressing the ‘to do’ list in … Continue reading

Keep Out of It

My constant internal mantra at the moment at work.  I am likely to have an opinion on most things, in fact I still have aspirations for projects, channels and the University even though I am leaving.  But when you are serving notice your opinion becomes less equal than others (to borrow an idea from George … Continue reading

Baby’s First Heels

Work colleague Natalie W had a dream that she saw me on the high street pushing my daughter in a pram.  And she was called Vera.  And she had little high heels on. And, searching for a suitable image, it turns out that such things are available…  scarily.