Very Slow of Me

Why, oh why, oh why, oh why (to quote Points of View) did it take me this long to realise that there’d be a WordPress app for my phone? How very slow of me. You can expect a lot more drivel from me now. And a bit of a rethink on what I blog, what … Continue reading

Turning Over a New Leaf

Turning Over a New Leaf

Right, this is my declaration that I’m disinterring my blogging mojo.  It’s time to come back. There’s a lot in my head – which it would benefit me to articulate in words (it may not benefit you much though!). Future topics are likely to include: SharePoint Vs Intranet How to evaluate team briefing More on … Continue reading

Twitter: is it too limited?

This is a bookmark to Mat Mannion’s post: Twitter is not fit for (my) purpose(s) following this twitter conversation (as best as I can recreate it): @mathewjm Having this sort of interaction 140 characters at a time is sub-optimal, for example!!! 5:50 AM Jan 20th from TweetDeck in reply to mathewjm @mathewjm Or is it … Continue reading

2009 is for Fun

I’ve wanted to do one of these lipsynch things for ages…  Come on, who’s with me? As my friend L says (I’m paraphrasing) 2009 is designated for fun. Says the lady who is in bed with the laptop and the cat on her lap at 21:41 (and has been here since 19:30).  The first day … Continue reading

Been There, Done That

In other news, just when I think I’ve found a new thing I find that Lovell has got there first… I have no QDOS…

The Grand Unveiling

Ta da!  The IC benefits are two-fold, firstly vastly improved information architecture (for which I can take no credit) and a news and events system which now allows you to manage news as opposed to publish in a linear, chronological fashion. We can now manage what appears on the homepage and in what order which … Continue reading

Breasts = Google Gold

Thanks to Laura Dewis for the mention: And congratulations to vblogger of the month, Casey Leaver, for getting the most views in the video blog series on “What YouTube taught me” for Getting abreast of your health. Wonder why videos with sperm and breasts in the title got the most attention? Although, I am rather … Continue reading

Our Panel Said

Follow up to Well, first things first, I needn’t have worried in the least about the attitude of our focus group attendees.  Those that managed to make it were the nicest group imaginable.  So a big thanks to them for that! What were the results of our extremely unscientific, back of a fag packet, … Continue reading

What Are You Doing?

Writing about Late Adopter Hey, I take it all back, I think I’m beginning to get into the swing of Twitter. Last week we launched OU_Life_News on Twitter and the number of followers that we have for it is slowly building. Essentially it’s a news feed from our intranet news (which as regular readers will … Continue reading

What is News?

This is something that is crystal clear to most people who work in communications – yet a lot of people tend to forget it when thinking about their intranets. This post is really about getting the basics right. It’s easy to default to “Sticking it on the intranet” and (a) imagine that you are communicating, … Continue reading