The Face Behind the Blog


Casey Leaver

(Updated after seven years…)

Thirty-something internal communications (still, for a while), food and self-depreciation.

Started the blog on Warwick Blogs whilst working at Warwick University, migrated it to WordPress when I left to join The Open University and have left it there now I’ve moved to Ofqual.

Since Ofqual I’ve been to Network Rail and Travelodge and I’m now at HS2.

A blogging zealot determined to bring blogging to every workplace as a communications device, knowledge management & social networking tool and environmental scanning device.

2 Responses to “The Face Behind the Blog”
  1. Manurada Pornchanarak says:

    Hi casey

    How are you? I’m not sure whether you can remember me. I’m an MA student with University Branding project!

    Sorry to ask for your help again but what you gavc me last time were fabulous details! This time I finish my recommendations, that’s why I want to share with you and have your comments.

    Anyway, I notice that you left Warwick to Open as I sent you a document regarding the project’s validation process.

    Now I don’t know your new email address. Is it possible if you could reply my email and give me your new email adress?

  2. Josh Neicho says:

    Casey this is Josh Neicho from Letters at the Evening Standard, I got in touch when you were blogging at Warwick, hope all’s been well with you. I wanted to send you David Sexton’s piece for us last week on Nigel Slater and Nigella Lawson’s cookery writing, which he feels is similar in the sense it is so personalised/solipsistic. I would be very interested if any thoughts you have on Sexton’s analysis, on how you think Nigel and Nigella compare and on the qualities you look for in a cookery writer; please let me know if you would be interested in commenting – I am just looking for some brief thoughts of 150-200 words before 10-10.30am tomorrow.

    Josh Neicho
    Evening Standard Letters
    020 7938 7596

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