Death Row Dinners We enjoyed a hangover-salving Sunday lunch at The Red Lion in Hunningham yesterday. I always enjoy eating there. There’s very little room for improvement in my book. Which leads me to the Death Row Dinners cards on each table – main function: to ask for feedback – subsidiary function: prize draw to win your … Continue reading

Very Slow of Me

Why, oh why, oh why, oh why (to quote Points of View) did it take me this long to realise that there’d be a WordPress app for my phone? How very slow of me. You can expect a lot more drivel from me now. And a bit of a rethink on what I blog, what … Continue reading

I am not good at being ill

It makes me very grumpy.  I feel like my body is failing me and that if it tried harder it would be fine. Unfortunately after having severe difficulty physically getting out of bed this morning (and not for the usual reasons) I rang NHS Direct. A nurse, who rang back to ask a lot of … Continue reading

Autumn TV Scheduling – Wayhay

It’s time to bring out the cocoa, draught excluder, big slipper and blankets and settle down into the darkening nights and Autumn TV schedule.  Loving it! (Especially as I have just started a diet and sworn off drinking for a bit – what’s left for a girl to enjoy?!) What indeed! And, thanks to the … Continue reading

You Tube: My Contribution

My breast examination video on You Tube! The Open University has launched a YouTubeTM Channel with over 300 videos to extend its commitment to broadening access to education. YouTube is the leading online video community that allows people to discover, watch and share originally created videos. OUView went live yesterday [Thursday]. Video taken from OU … Continue reading

Is Intensive Farming Coming Home to Roost?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist it.)  I am very much enjoying Channel 4’s Chicken Season so far and have booked the sofa for Friday night for the Jamie show. One of the most interesting bits for me however has been watching the supermarket and farmers’ PR reactions.  Yesterday, for example, I received a letter from Judith Batchelor, … Continue reading

January Commuting (Or Lack Of)

Writing about: As a non-driver, today I am effectively stranded at home for the second day this week. Yesterday I worked from home and spent the day ridden with guilt at my self-perceived lack of productivity. Clearly going to have to work on that… Today I have taken ther easier option and am taking … Continue reading

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Last night I had an unpleasant reoccuring dream. It’s Christmas Eve night and I’m at my parents’ house.  But I have not bought one present. This version of the dream had me frantically checking through my own existing belongings to see what could be gifted to people, running through alternate ideas such as making vouchers … Continue reading

I Feel Small