What’s a Physics?

Thanks to Daily Mash for providing this pastiche of our week in Ofqual Comms: CONCERNS have been raised over the standard of science teaching after it emerged thousands of GCSE pupils could not tell the difference between a microscope and a frog. Question Two: Which one is the frog and which one is the miocropscope? … Continue reading

Look at Me Being an Opinion Leader!

Someone has contacted me to ask me to encourage you to take part in a survey.  They say: The study involves learning more about parents’ attitudes towards child nutrition, obesity and food choices offered to children at school. This blog has been selected based on the overall content of your postings and the comments posted … Continue reading

Breasts = Google Gold

Thanks to Laura Dewis for the mention: And congratulations to vblogger of the month, Casey Leaver, for getting the most views in the video blog series on “What YouTube taught me” for Getting abreast of your health. Wonder why videos with sperm and breasts in the title got the most attention? Although, I am rather … Continue reading

Our Panel Said

Follow up to https://caseyleaver.wordpress.com/2008/08/11/what-would-i-watch-a-video-on/ Well, first things first, I needn’t have worried in the least about the attitude of our focus group attendees.  Those that managed to make it were the nicest group imaginable.  So a big thanks to them for that! What were the results of our extremely unscientific, back of a fag packet, … Continue reading

What would I watch a video on?

Writing about https://caseyleaver.wordpress.com/2008/08/08/summer-project/ So – a short list of potentially visual stuff: Acoustics – shouting competition? Making Britain: South Asian Visions of Home and Abroad, 1870–1950 Nollywood Sound Communication in Animals Conceptualising mental illness University league tables Music & Computing Concrete to Coriander – Habitable Cities Youth Justice Analysis of household waste – recycling Also … Continue reading

Summer Project

This summer we asked everyone in the team to pitch ideas for quick, finite, projects.  They had to: Support at least one of the org’s strategic aims “Change, create and innovate” (Ian likes a nice cheesy slogan.) Which is why I am currently pulling together a focus group of 14-17 year olds so that we … Continue reading

You Tube: My Contribution

My breast examination video on You Tube! The Open University has launched a YouTubeTM Channel with over 300 videos to extend its commitment to broadening access to education. YouTube is the leading online video community that allows people to discover, watch and share originally created videos. OUView went live yesterday [Thursday]. Video taken from OU … Continue reading

What is News?

This is something that is crystal clear to most people who work in communications – yet a lot of people tend to forget it when thinking about their intranets. This post is really about getting the basics right. It’s easy to default to “Sticking it on the intranet” and (a) imagine that you are communicating, … Continue reading

Late Adopter

In keeping with today’s adopted persona, I am suitably behind the curve on trying out Twitter. We’ll, I’ve signed up and had a bit of a faff with it, I’ll now set my subconscious on thinking of internal comms applications for it. I was very interested to see how organisations are using it – particularly … Continue reading

BA Own Goal – A Terminal Case Study

Writing about http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7317909.stm And http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/heathrows-big-day-is-terminal-embarrassment-801743.html Wow! This is a management, PR & Internal Comms case study in the making. I can see this being on the CIPR course next year… The thing that stood out most for me though was the amount of coverage pointing to underinformed and poorly trained staff – from issue with … Continue reading