Happy 60th Birthday Mum

Some of the things I love about you

Some of the things that I love about you – because I don’t tell you enough… xxx Advertisements

Vote for Miss Essex

Vote for Imogen at http://www.missessex.org/vote_profile.php?id=10437&vote=yes

Maldon Mud Race 2009 – Changed my Mind

Thanks to Dad for sending this on, he & Mum were there spectating. I’ve always said that I wanted to have a go at this, but after watching this year’s race I’m reviewing the situation. It’s a long clip, the race starts at about 1.40 but it’s worth watching the end to see the ‘voiture … Continue reading

I am not good at being ill

It makes me very grumpy.  I feel like my body is failing me and that if it tried harder it would be fine. Unfortunately after having severe difficulty physically getting out of bed this morning (and not for the usual reasons) I rang NHS Direct. A nurse, who rang back to ask a lot of … Continue reading

Look at Me Being an Opinion Leader!

Someone has contacted me to ask me to encourage you to take part in a survey.  They say: The study involves learning more about parents’ attitudes towards child nutrition, obesity and food choices offered to children at school. This blog has been selected based on the overall content of your postings and the comments posted … Continue reading

Party Preparation

The most difficult bit so far has been compiling a list of must have songs for the DJ. This is a difficult list to make, cos it’s not about showing your cool credentials, it’s about thinking what I’m likely to want to dance to when three sheets to the wind, what my friends and family … Continue reading

You Tube: My Contribution

My breast examination video on You Tube! The Open University has launched a YouTubeTM Channel with over 300 videos to extend its commitment to broadening access to education. YouTube is the leading online video community that allows people to discover, watch and share originally created videos. OUView went live yesterday [Thursday]. Video taken from OU … Continue reading

Clothkits Kid

  Clothkits is back!  Woohoo!  I am dashing out the door to buy a sewing machine before I forget how dreadful I am at sewing. I was a Clothkits Kid – and loved it. Many years later, we were having a summer bevarage en-famille in a beer garden and wondered over to a car boot … Continue reading

The Man With No Name

I have always loved Westerns.  And I have always loved Clint Eastwood: particularly in Westerns and in Dirty Harry; but I will make no excuses for Play Misty for Me. But his best role for me, and one that he has played variations of throughout his career, is The Man With No Name. The Man … Continue reading

You can take a girl out of Essex….

From my Dad…  Posted because I went home for the weekend and because I wore my white stilettos on Friday night (honestly) and because I don’t forward these things on but it’s worth sharing. alma chizzit – A request to find the cost of an item  amant – Quantity; sum total (“Thez a yuge amant of mud in Saffend”)  … Continue reading