Charlotte G’s Malteser Cake

Box or large bag of maltesers 12 crushed digestive biscuits 4oz (125g) margarine 1 tbsp syrup 6oz (175g) chocolate Topping – 11oz (325g) chocolate Melt the margerine, syrup and chocolate Add malesers and digestives Press mixture into a tray/dish Allow to cool Topping – Melt the chocolate and cover the base Allow to set in … Continue reading

57 Varieties

Writing about A different tomato soup – and one which I am trying not to spill over my keyboard as I type. Incidentally I was reading Lindsey Bareham’s A Celebration of Soup the other day, and she claims to have over 20 versions of pumpkin soup – there surely must be more. Mine never … Continue reading

Here Today, Gone to Marrow

Immediate apologies for the title of this post. Today I have embarked, with a sense of due deprivation, on the Special K drop a jeans size thing. It seems no less sensible than any other diet – at least in the short term as a bit of a kick start. And things have been lapsing … Continue reading

Cheesy Tikka

Writing about Indian Food Made Easy I remain to be convinced about buddy food programmes – Tony & Giorgio didn’t work but Neneh and Andi is much better – probably because they are very obviously genuinely friends and comfortable in front of the camera. Anyway, I’ll give Anjum & Panthea a go… But what intrigued … Continue reading

It Would Honestly Never Have Occured to Me

Charlie’s Request – Queijadas de Sintra

Tomato Soup for the Soul

We’re Off Again

Jerk Chicken with Papaya and Avocado Salad

Reclaim Salad 3 – Egg & Bacon Salad