We’re Off Again

Follow-up to Recommencons le Regime from Casey’s Blog

LardHere we go again. The diet started again today.

We even had a valedictory take away curry last night (my favourite – Balti Saag Paneer).

But virtuously I cooked the rice at home and made a Vicky Bhogal Dry Chickpea side-dish.

Which is just as well because I have a prior commitment to meet a friend for curry tonight – not very good planning on my part…

So now, I’m trying to think of healthy-esque things to order at the Delhi Palace tonight.

think I should be ok with some combination of chicken tikka, dhal and a
vegetable side dish. No rice or bread and definitely no poppadoms or

So far today:

  • 1 x mint tea
  • 1 x freshly squeezed apple juice
  • 2 x toast with marmite (no spread)
  • 1 x diet coke
  • 1 x medium portion vinegretki (russian beetroot, carrot, potato and gherkin salad)

In fact, disasterous planning on the curry front. I’m off to give Himself the good news, wish me luck!

4 Responses to “We’re Off Again”
  1. Andrea Breau says:

    Delhi Palace does lovely Tandoori King Prawns. They’re dry (i.e. no
    sauce) so you get the curry taste without all the added oil.

  2. Helen Thomas says:

    Go Delhi Palace!

  3. Randomly,
    whenever I have Indian food, i always have Chicken Tikka and Saag Dhal,
    yummy. So great minds, etc! After 10 weeks in China it tasted SO GOOD.

  4. hero says:

    the deli palace is the best indian in the world!

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