Very Slow of Me

Why, oh why, oh why, oh why (to quote Points of View) did it take me this long to realise that there’d be a WordPress app for my phone? How very slow of me. You can expect a lot more drivel from me now. And a bit of a rethink on what I blog, what … Continue reading

Social Capital & Knowledge Exchange: Blogging Inside the Enterprise

You may think I’ve been unusually quiet recently, but I’ve been diverting my energies into other channels, including a guest spot at Simply Communicate a site that collates advice, toolkits and templates covering every aspect of internal communication inside organisations. Here is a taster: Internal blogging can give us: The ability to get to know … Continue reading

Twitter: is it too limited?

This is a bookmark to Mat Mannion’s post: Twitter is not fit for (my) purpose(s) following this twitter conversation (as best as I can recreate it): @mathewjm Having this sort of interaction 140 characters at a time is sub-optimal, for example!!! 5:50 AM Jan 20th from TweetDeck in reply to mathewjm @mathewjm Or is it … Continue reading

Blogging Mojo

My blogging mojo has returned.  I lost it for quite a while there – but the important thing to remember is, it’s just like a diet, if you fall off the wagon, don’t give up altogether just start again…. A lot of colleagues used to ask me how I found the time to blog – … Continue reading

The Spirit of Web 2.0

Writing about I went to rather a depressing conference last Wednesday.  And it left me feeling like this <= To cut a long story short I had not chosen wisely.  Whilst the topic seemed relevant and appropriate the audience at which it was pitched did not really include me. The other attendees and the … Continue reading

Graduate Skills Programme – Feedback

Web Publishing for Postgraduates – Downloads

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