Death Row Dinners

We enjoyed a hangover-salving Sunday lunch at The Red Lion in Hunningham yesterday. I always enjoy eating there. There’s very little room for improvement in my book. Which leads me to the Death Row Dinners cards on each table – main function: to ask for feedback – subsidiary function: prize draw to win your own personal death row dinner.

This was far too big a decision to be rushed. And far too big a decision to make with a hangover.

Fortunately I’ve got all week to think about it because I’m planning to take my sister and bro-in-law there next weekend. What? They’ll love it.

So, preliminary thoughts for shortlisting…

* Carrottes rapées, celeriac remoulade and aspic-y ham terrine
* Tartiflette
* Chicken Kiev with new potatoes and a mountain of al dente green beans
* Melanzana Parmigiana (lest you though I was favouring the classical French)
* Roast garlic-studded leg of lamb with braised flageolets and about three baguettes and very rustic red
* Raclette with *all* the trimmings and a very cold Gewürztraminer
* My Nan’s spag bol (which must be made with ragu/dolmio and mince, high-rusk-content sausages and streaky bacon, and served with dessicated ‘parmesan’ and buttered pittas)
* Rhubarb and egg custard latticed shirt sweet pastry tart, served warm with a wobble
* Apple cake with custard
* Fennel roasted belly pork with glass-like crackling, roast potatoes and caraway cabbage
* A big bowl of cheese-topped buttery Belgo-style mash with IKEA meatball gravy
* Supernoodles (wow, look at all the guilty pleasures coming out)
* Cauliflower and macaroni cheese with crusty bread and a mustardy chicory salad
* My mother-in-law’s “sausage thing”: a king of fennel-y pepperonata with thick meaty Italian garlic and fennel sausages cut through it in a healthy portion of pappadelle

I’m going to add and add to this list. And myther over it. And rework it a hundred times. But I will make a decision before Sunday. Even if it kills me. Which would defeat the object.


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