Advanced Subsidiary GCE Unit – Applied Business

I have just refound the OCR A-Level paper in which my name is used – thanks to Mrs Parkes. It still makes me giggle. A wide range of friends have been name-checked!

Unit 4: The Impact of Customer Service

‘However, after a few weeks it was evident that Adam’s administrative and interpersonal skills left a lot to be desired. He was extremely nervous when talking to the managers of shops on the telephone when organising sales and deliveries and often misinterpreted the information they were giving him. His computer skills were also poor and one Friday afternoon he managed to wipe several retailers’ details from the database. Casey Leaver, the Financial Manager, was furious as the lost information contained details of how much money each shop still owed SW, as well as orders still to be delivered. Samantha Howarth, the Production Manager, was also angry with Adam. She needed him to pass on each retailer’s requirements so that the products could be manufactured and sent out to them as soon as possible. Adam was unaware that this was part of his job until he received an angry e-mail from Samantha (see Fig. 1). As Adam got more and more in a mess, retailers across the county were receiving incorrect orders – products that were the wrong size or design or looked like they had been produced in a hurry. One of SW’s most consistent customers, Wave Nation, had taken orders themselves from members of the public for the new range of SW gloves, only for the delivery to consist of 16 children’s wetsuits.’


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