Twitter: is it too limited?

This is a bookmark to Mat Mannion’s post:

Twitter is not fit for (my) purpose(s)

following this twitter conversation (as best as I can recreate it):

@mathewjm Having this sort of interaction 140 characters at a time is sub-optimal, for example!!!
@mathewjm Or is it that people see a service and try and use it for something slightly different, and that’s when it doesn’t work?
@caseyleaver Which is what separating work and play would prevent, of course. The problem is getting people to start when they don’t get it.
@mathewjm & @steverumsby That’s what I mean. Ideally colleagues could get to know each other as rounded people and :. work better together.
@steverumsby When I’m not so lazy 🙂 Mainly, it needs tags but nobody can be arsed (and multi-accounts is NOT the answer)
@steverumsby Whether I am here or not doesn’t change the fact that Twitter is fundamentally flawed
@mathewjm I’m not sure. I’d love to feature microblogging as part of a staff profile/directory effort. “Casey is (working on)…”
@steverumsby I know that – but lots of people don’t. Plus I am geekily committed to what I do for a living.
@caseyleaver Unfortunately there’s no way around it, think Twitter will die off when people realise they don’t care what celebs are doing
Worrying about how to use social media when people want to distinguish between work and play. Maybe Yammer is the answer?
One Response to “Twitter: is it too limited?”
  1. Username says:

    Twitter is too limited. It’s 2011 and now we have a text paging service from the 90s. It’s remarkable that Twitter allows other characters than A-Z, 0-9.

    For a start, hashtags and @usernames and URLs should never be part of the text. If a text is ‘too big’ (come on) it should be divided and posted in chronological order.

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