Normal People

Writing about BBC investigation uncovers racial discrimination amongst lettings and employment agencies

I am absolutely aghast at this.  And really, I don’t have much else to say.

Next, our researcher passed himself as a potential employer looking for a temporary receptionist, who he insisted, had to be white.

What follows are the agency staff’s answers to our request:

Agency: “That’s fine. You are not allowed to say it but, no, we certainly hear what you say. That’s not a problem.”

Agency: “It’s difficult with the accent over the phone isn’t it? I understand that, yeah, shouldn’t really say that but taken on board.”

Agency: “We’ll ignore it and pretend you didn’t say it but listen to what you said, if you see what I mean.”

Agency: “OK. You are not supposed to tell me that but I will forget you did (laughter) but bear it in mind.”

Researcher: “Just send through white.”

Agency: “Yep. Normal people.”

Normal people?  WTF?

Of 30 temping agencies contacted across the West of England, 25 agreed to a request for a receptionist job to be offered only to white workers.


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