So, a week in to my new apparatchik position, what have I done:

  • Spent the inevitable half of every day on the phone to desktop support trying to get all my new systems working
  • Conspired with the Learning & Development bloke and the Web bloke to made changes
  • Sent out an all-staff email round up using the organisation’s only existing IC tool
  • Taken part in a meeting about benchmarking and positioning the org’s website
  • Taken part in a meeting about how to explain to people, in simple and non text-heavy terms, what it is that the org does
  • Tried to map the org’s role amongst the many other orgs in the sector who all do slightly different and complimentary things
  • Joined the Government Communicators’ Network
  • Begun to understand the immensity of trying to procure anything around here (and the fact that doing it yourself doesn’t seem to be in the culture)
  • Done a lot of listening to try and understand the organisation’s shibboleths
  • Tried to understand the odd short-to-medium term situation (a kind of slowburn demerger and corresponding relocation)
  • Tried very hard not to jump to quick fix solutions before having done a lot more listening (and persuading people)

This last is why I’m fighting the temptation not to list here all of the things that I want to get my teeth into… yet…

You watch – the list will be up within the week!


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