Incoming: Foreign Kitty

Writing about

Electronic Cat Flap
Electronic Cat Flap

We defo need to get one of these.

Two sightings of foreign cats in the house last night.

One in the bedroom.

Not sure if same cat or dif. cats.

One confirmed sighting of long haired black & white.

Second sighting may have been same or short-haired with similar colouring.

As a consequence we both spent the remainder of the night with the bedside lamp on and one eye open.  Me on the bed.  Her cowering under it.

She’s a lover, not a fighter.  Albeit a rather detached cupboard lover wanting everything on her own terms.

5 Responses to “Incoming: Foreign Kitty”
  1. Steve Rumsby says:

    I keep thinking about one of those. We get the occasional foreign furry thing in the house, mostly in the kitchen helping themselves to breakfast but they have been spotted further in. The incumbent is getting more territorial now (almost 2 years old) and sending them packing, so it is happening less these days.

    My problem is that anything we’ve tried to put round his neck – like a bell to give our feathered friends more of a chance – has always just come off. We’d need a standing order for replacement keys!

  2. caseyleaver says:

    It is a likely problem – but she’s such a wuss she that she won’t stand her ground and I can’t see an alternative.

    She’s such a fraidy cat that she doesn’t even get beyond the garden much. The vet has made us put her on a diet and threatened her with kitty Weightwatchers. We are even under orders to take her and put her at the bottom of the garden so that she at least gets the exercise of running back to the house!

  3. Steve Rumsby says:

    Pretty much an indoor cat, then! Ours is the opposite. Can’t wait to get out in the morning and head across the road to the woods. Sometimes without stopping for breakfast first (food is fresher in the woods:-). Crawling through the undergrowth in search of mice, voles, etc. is what makes him lose anything neck-mounted, I assume.

  4. caseyleaver says:

    Himself has suggested a microchip cat flap (no need for a collar).

  5. Steve Rumsby says:

    That is remarkably clever. And so simple. The best ideas always are.

    Expensive, though, I’ll bet.

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