Department-led Discussion on Staff Survey Results

Very difficult to get right, especially if your managers over-rate their own communications skills….

How do you provide enough backing that heads of departments don’t feel as though they are putting themselves up for a kicking in opening this line of discussion at a local level?

How do you get them to take some ownership of university-wide issues, rather than conceding (or vehemently agreeing) that everything is the fault of senior managers?

How do you help them to run a two-way productive discussion, rather than opening a defensive I’m-only-doing-this-because-I-have-to-and-I-want-to-get-it-done-before-my-next-meeting stance?

And, best yet, how do we do all this without patronising them?

This is what I’m mostly working on this afternoon…  not that I’m promising any answers mind.  But you never know, you might get lucky!


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