What Are You Doing?

Writing about Late Adopter

Hey, I take it all back, I think I’m beginning to get into the swing of Twitter.

Last week we launched OU_Life_News on Twitter and the number of followers that we have for it is slowly building.

Essentially it’s a news feed from our intranet news (which as regular readers will know will be changing in September anyway), but really it’s a bit of a test case to see whether or not it works before we start to do more with it.

Feedback so far:

  1. Updates should contain a direct link to the intranet article (this will happen in Sept – but at the moment we do not have a way of creating a permanent URL for each piece of news – don’t ask!)
  2. It adds no extra value to staff members who already receive OU Life news via RSS (it doesn’t yet but I think we could do breaking news – the Downing St twitter feed is my model).

Baby steps.

The Downing St analogy is an interesting one though, of late I’ve been starting to think that governmental public relations is like internal comms in macro.  Am I really stupid for not realising this sooner?  I suppose its because I’m so used to thinking of internal comms as a discrete discipline – but I think what they really means is that it’s a world apart from media relations.

So, now I’m off to think about how to crack the Facebook as a Corporate Comms tool problem – this one is still really stumping me…  50% of the time I think there must be a way to harness it,  and the rest of the time I’m convinced that there isn’t.

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