Laurie Taylor Vs Jamie Targett

Laurie TaylorI love The Poppletonian, Laurie Taylor’s mock university corporate news colum in the Times Higher Education (yes, we’ve lost the Supplement bit).  I also love his cast of character including the desperate Jamie Targett, Director of Corporate Affairs, and the hippy-dippy useless Jennifer Doubleday, Head of Personal Development.

I was thrilled when the VC welcomed the new look on 10 January this year as I was just broaching the topic of a refurb of Open House.

Speaking shortly after his return from an exhausting nine-day conference in the Maldives on the future of higher education, our Vice-Chancellor declared that he was “really on the whole fairly excited” by the new look of The Poppletonian.

He told our reporter, Keith Ponting (29), that in his opinion, the previous newsletter had often spent too long concentrating on “the many negative aspects of the university” and on reporting “lots of minority views that failed to represent the true nature of the institution going forward”.

It is so clever in so many ways, so many in-sector jokes perfectly judged and aimed in all directions!

In today’s edition the dogged Jamie Targett makes an urgent appeal:

In a shock statement this week, Jamie Targett, our Director of Corporate Affairs, announced that he was introducing an “urgent” quota system in response to the dramatic increase in campus e-mails bearing the word “urgent”.

While administrative staff would retain the right to use “urgent” at all times, academics would be restricted to 12 “urgent” e-mails per term. He believed this was the only way in which “urgent” could regain the original meaning of “urgent”.

The cleverest, cleverest thing is that it is all so on the button. As perfect satire must be.


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