Transexual in Iran

Negar AskarI was going to write a very long blog entry about last night’s BBC2 documentary programme – but I find that Vanessa Barford has said all that I had to say here –

They look for a solution that will at least allow them to be attracted to the gender they are naturally attracted to – without feelings of shame, sin and wrong-doing – and move around in society without harassment. The price is often being disowned by your family,” says Tanaz Eshaghian [Programme Maker].

The thing that is never quite said in the documentary, although it is a tacit subtext is that some of the pre-op transexuals are perhaps not transexual but either (a) transvestite or (b) gay.  Neither of which is an option open to them in Iran which is why they are going ahead with major, intrusive and painful surgery (albeit helped by a state grant to cure their “illness/abnormality”).

The sad ending to the documentary’s narrative showed  that post-op transexuals were no more able to fit in to Iranian society (work, take part in organised education, be part of a family unit) than they had been before.

Plenty of food for thought and discussion at

Also an interesting Woman’s Hour discussion with the programme maker at –

One Response to “Transexual in Iran”
  1. sepehr says:

    sorrily most people think that since transexuals r easily allowed to go under surgery in iran it means they have all the rights they must have but we r not aware that they r behaved in worst way possible.they r urged to change their sex before any psychological treatment they must have before the surgery.i believe the doctors in documentary were taking profit of the absurd rules in iran defined 4 TS population that they surgeried any one diagnosed as TS.Iran is a hell 4 TS population.and the rediculous part in the documentary was when they featured gays as abnormal people and talked of them as offenders..

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