Phuket Thailand!


JUNO (in low tones) Dude, I’m pregnant.

LEAH Maybe it’s just a food baby. Did you have a big lunch?

JUNO It’s not a food baby. I took three pregnancy tests today. I am fo shiz up the spout.

LEAH How did you even generate enough pee for three pregnancy tests?

JUNO I drank like ten tons of Sunny Delight. Anyway, yeah. I’m pregnant. And you’re acting shockingly cavalier.

LEAH Is this for real? Like for real, for real?

JUNO Unfortunately, yes.

LEAH Oh my God! Oh shit! Phuket Thailand!

JUNO That’s the kind of emotion I was looking for in the first take.

LEAH Well, are you going to go to Havenbrooke or Women Now? You need a note from your parents for Havenbrooke.

JUNO I know. Women Now, I guess. The commercial says they help women now.

This week my dialogue will be mostly littered with grungy teen american slang – fo shiz.


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