A Factotum: Nature or Nurture?

Jeeves and Wooster (Fry & Laurie)I’ve just been having a cup of tea with a colleague who, it strikes me, is the perfect factotum: efficient, organised, quiet, amazingly discreet, tactful, diplomatic and a wonderful problem solver.

And clearly these people are vital in the world of internal comms, these are the people who make organisations work.

A while ago she mentioned in passing that she thought she’s got her job for her soft skills rather than for her relevant experience…  and her skills are polished!

Which brings me to my question, is one born like that or does one learn to be like that?  I think the former.  These qualities are all the ones that I admire most but which drive me to distraction.  Very often I want to grab these awe-inspiring people by the lapels and shake them until they tell it straight.  Whilst all the while slowly turning green with jealousy.

I too want to be able to make oblique references to a myriad of things and in so doing probe and work out how much someone knows before drip feeding a bit more (but never too much!).

Instead, I’m far more likely to err a touch on the side of indiscretion in a bid to inspire a mutual exchange of confidences and then check myself by explaining why I can’t say any more.

Suffice to say that if it’s nurture I’ll be putting my best foot forward…

7 Responses to “A Factotum: Nature or Nurture?”
  1. mc215 says:

    I’m envious too! If you ever manage to bottle what these people have, put me down for a case!

  2. monopod says:

    I rather fancy that these people see qualities to envy in the same people who are envying them! Can’t all be the same breed of perfect… 😉

  3. caseyleaver says:

    Ellie, I would defo characterise you as:

    “efficient, organised, quiet, amazingly discreet, tactful, diplomatic and a wonderful problem solver”

    Perhaps self-awareness is your failing?! 😉

  4. caseyleaver says:

    Bless you Monopod – I feel better.

    Yay – my slapdash approach is enviable!

  5. monopod says:

    [bursts bubble]

    Might want to select another quality there, Casey…

  6. caseyleaver says:

    LOL 😛

  7. Indy says:

    Hi Casey,

    I think we can all get better at problem solving and being a bit more efficient. Organised? That’s more complicated, I’m fairly organised, but I’m inherently untidy. Likewise, I think we can all get a bit more tactful and diplomatic. But quiet is something you’re born with (or not.)

    I’d agree with monopod that it’s not a case for envy, but I’m glad to hear you value quiet people. Sometimes, the communications profession is a bit tilted towards the “loud and proud” and in IC we’re a bit poorer for that at times.

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