Can you read the Matrix?

Matrix CodeOne thing that nobody ever tells you is the importance of data to internal communication…

This morning I arrived in the office and opened up a 1152-row spreadsheet of data which I am currently shuffling to determine the most efficient logistics of getting a set of messages out.  (And this pertains to only one faculty!)

In my last job we had the mother of all spreadsheets running to log staff-generated ideas and track the responses as they were assessed by panels so that we could feed back to staff members individually.

Now, I’m not a data adept, and I certainly have no idea where to start with MS Access let alone more sophisticated databases, but it’s surprising how much you can get done with Excel.  The sort function is one of my best friends!

The point is though that unless you can read all the data available to you and turn it to your advantage it’s difficult to:

  1. Master the vast quantities of data that you are expected to be expert on (staff breakdowns anyone?), and
  2. Properly segment your audience

And, as we know from all our training, data and evidence are the mainstay of your arsenal.

So, back to the sorting – is Joe Bloggs a Group Regional Manager, a Regional Manager and a Programme Co-Ordinator all at once?  And in 3 different regions?

If so, how could we prevent leakage from one briefing tier and area to another?  And how do we avoid Joe getting the briefing 3 different times?  Hmm.

One Response to “Can you read the Matrix?”
  1. Pop says:

    Sounds like a little consultancy work for you know who !!

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