My New Obsession

Boggleis Boggle.

We used to have a similar game when we were growing up – but the ability to shake all the dice at once is a vast improvement.

At the moment the game is following me round the house – and the sound of plastic clashing against plastic is driving Himself and Sparka crackers.

The best tactic, I’ve found, is to write down everything and then check if they are dictionary words later….

We may soon be having to institute negative marking!

6 Responses to “My New Obsession”
  1. bouncybaby says:

    I’m guessing you wouldn’t be into Sudoku?!


  2. monopod says:

    I LOVE Boggle. Bring it in and we’ll have a wheeze!

    I’ll challenge you to a game of Sudoku too 😉

  3. It is an amazing game – but do yourself a favour and get the 5 by 5 version instead of the 4 by 4 version! Also, if you’re interested and you don’t mind playing using your laptop instead of the dice, I can send you a copy of my boggle board generator program. It repeatedly “rolls the dice” and finds all possible words in the grid until it finds a board with at least X number of words of different lengths (e.g. at least 20 five letter words or above). I invented it because after a while it gets too easy if you count anything from 3 letters up, so we ended up playing that only words of 5 letters or more count (which is no fun with the 4×4 version), but the problem is that quite often you don’t get many words so I made the program. Here’s an example for you to try:

    U F Qu X U
    H E S E T
    T A M O L
    L T R L U
    K D E K C

    There’s about 140+ five letter words in there, and three 9 letter ones – can you find them all? At least one of them is gettable, the other two are a bit hard.

  4. caseyleaver says:

    Hmmm – so far I’ve found a 7 and an 8 – but I’m still working on it….

    Give me time – persistance is one of my dominent character traits!

  5. cape coder says:

    You and your families should play Zotto – this new award-winning game was released this past February and is very fun. Zotto is a game similar to Boggle with a elements of Scrabble and Sudoko mixed in. Very portable, and fun to play, Zotto is winning the hearts and minds of word enthusiasts everywhere.

    p.s. we know the nice people at this company…but we would have recommended it anyway!!

  6. Ken says:

    Anyone know of a boggle generator that scrambles the direction of the cubes as well? I like the randomness of the letters, somehow it’s just not right to have them all facing up.

    I’d love to be able to create a PDF with full sized boggle boards, maybe 6 to a page. Then I could print out a few pages and keep them in my bag or take them on a trip folded inside a book.

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