Making my Move

My New BlogI’ve begun the process of migrating over….The Blogbuilder export process only captured posts from April 2005 onwards – I assume it has a size limit or a date limit of some kind…

My new look and feel is rather temporary – looks like I’ll have to dig out my CSS notes again!

And, it doesn’t quite feel like home yet – but I’ve still got a lot of unpacking to do (especially all my pictures).

From now on though all new posts will be made on the new site.

Goodbye Warwick Blogs……

7 Responses to “Making my Move”
  1. Rae says:

    Why cows?

  2. caseyleaver says:

    I felt an affinity.

  3. Wow! Welcome to the new place. I shall update my links accordingly…

    Hope the new job goes well. I’m also starting somewhere new in September – details on my blog in a little while.

  4. Max Hammond says:

    Welcome to the real world 😉

  5. bouncybaby says:

    Helloo! Welcome here!

  6. Rob Johnson says:

    Hi Casey, your old colleague Rob here. Congratulations on the move from Warwick – sounds like an exciting development in your life. Tell me, how exactly did you move your blog? I think I may have left it too late to do it, but would be keen to know how you set it up and why you chose word press, etc.


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