My Family and Other Animals

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Two different summer holidays – one from my mum’s side and one from my dad’s side.
Den, Lil, Dad and Bet.
Johnston Family Holiday

4 Responses to “My Family and Other Animals”
  1. Gond says:

    family photos are great. My sister-in-law has traced her/my hubby’s
    family back to the 1600s, and in the process she was trying to ID some
    posh-looking people in an old photo given to her by an aunt who said it
    showed her grandparents and their kids. She ended up having it
    published in a national family history magazine in an attempt to find
    out more and got a few responses telling her……..

    ……… was the Russian royal family circa 19th century!!!!

    Ha ha ha! Made I larf. Don’t know whether the aunt was a bit
    confused or trying to make us think her family was very posh like these
    people – maybe just wishful thinking!

  2. Bliever says:

    It’s not Bet, it’s Puds at the end—although it could be you !

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