Seeking Pear–Shaped Woman

I am wearing two suits. I am wearing the size 16 jacket of one and the
size 14 skirt of another. Both are identical except in sizing.

Which makes me distinctly apple-shaped – type II diabetes and heart attacks on a plate anyone?

Who would like the other half?

(25 or less to a deserving cause!)

  • Brand new
  • Kenar from TKMaxx
  • Cropped jacket with two large buttons, three-quarter length sleeves and button-up collar
  • Tailored pencil skirt
  • A bit Jackie O (in my head anyway)
  • Denimy/course chambray-y fabric
  • Smart enough for interviews/occasions

Interested parties please leave a comment.

6 Responses to “Seeking Pear–Shaped Woman”
  1. Essex Boy says:

    Sorry dear, its in yer genes.

  2. Gond says:

    could very well be me! Although I prefer to think of my self as
    hourglass rather than pear shaped. Post a pickie of you in the suit and
    let’s have a looksee!

  3. Gond says:

    …..or just the suit itself if you’re shy!

  4. Nat says:

    I saw it; it was very nice indeed! I think it would look good on you too G!

  5. Gond says:

    Thanks, Nat. In that case, maybe I could make an appointment to come over and view it next week?!

    C, let me know when you’re about unless you’ve already sold it!


  6. Gond says:

    it was indeed a very nice suit, but I should perhaps be more specific
    about my size: I take a size 14 jacket when the buttons are below the
    bust, which gives a super view of the boys straining at the bit. When
    something buttons at the neck as this jacket did, it leads to a rather
    different view. Cue lots of laughing between Casey and me and the other
    gawpers in the room. Still, it’s nice to finish a Friday on a Bank
    Holiday weekend on a laugh!

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