Writers’ Block

Writing about web page http://www.ipr.org.uk/excellence/index.htm

I enlisted help in writing two spanking CIPR Excellence Award Entries (of which I am very proud):

  • Warwick’s Future (Internal Communications Category)
  • insite Restructure & Redesign (Website category)

…but there’s no-one to help me write my entry for the Young Communicator of the Year category…

I thought that I’d take a shot at it, after all if it doesn’t go well there’s always next year.

Rubs salt into older colleagues’ gaping ancient wounds

2 Responses to “Writers’ Block”
  1. Dave Wraith says:

    Hi Casey,

    You should have asked me to help for Young (??) Communicator of the Year!

    I wrote an entry for the CIPR Awards Internal Coms category aswell on behalf of DWP. But I don’t think you’ve got much to worry about!!

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    Thanks Dave. I think we should both get shortlisted and then we can have a good catch up at the awards ceremony!

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