Edie Sedgwick, Anna Karenina, Arlene Dahl.

Writing about web page http://www.longblondes.co.uk/

Music front cover

Someone to Drive You Home
Long Blondes
5 out of 5 stars

…I just want to be a sweetheart.

The aim was to form a fantasy pop group: Nico,
Nancy Sinatra, Diana Dors, Barbara Windsor. Sexy and literate, flippant
and heartbreaking all at once. With this in mind, the Long Blondes went
falling and laughing headlong into the glamorous world of heaving amps
onto trains and applying eyeliner in National Express coach stations.

We went to see the fabulous Long Blondes at the Birmingham Irish Centre in Digbeth last night – and they rocked.

I am in love with Kate – and have instantly made a mental note to add her to my _I Want Your Wardrobe list and to my _I Want Your Voice list.

And if I had an I Want Your Attitude list…. well then she’d be top.

And the venue was great – 500 capacity and about 90% full but still enough room to move about.

A very long bar and lots of staff which meant drinks were achievable
rather than just aspirational, only 1 for the cloackroom and only a
10-15 minute walk from Birmingham New Street station.

There was a real look in the room as well – an identifiable but as
yet nameless style – a kind of hibred thrifty-cum-nouveau-eighties
beret/trilby eyeliner-y look. Almost a dramatically updated Dexy’s
Midnight Runners meets Brief Encounter.

Five stars for the album and a further five awarded for the gig.

4 Responses to “Edie Sedgwick, Anna Karenina, Arlene Dahl.”
  1. me says:

    Awesome album, but it’s Karina rather than Karenina :p

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