Brainfreeze? Yarp.

Himself has been laughing out loud at the memory of the scene with the cornetto.

4 Responses to “Brainfreeze? Yarp.”
  1. Simon Young says:

    Sounds like a recommendation to me?

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    would recommend it to people with the health warning that I found it a
    little slow in the middle – but it’s defo worth watching for the big
    set piece ending (which the entire film laboriously sets up).

    And amongst it all there are some very, very funny gags.

  3. Rachel Lile says:

    saw it with my current bloke, who happens to be a copper. I thought he
    was going to rupture something. He doesn’t have a peace Lily, but does
    have dragon plants. I am going out with Sgt. Angel.

  4. Casey Leaver says:

    We went to Wells last weekend and stayed in the hotel which is the pub!

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