Invisible Queues and Privacy Rules

I am halfway through this fabulous book and am finding it both
hilarious and deeply insightful – chortling away to myself and nodding
sagely at the same time.

It has the most fantastic desciption of the way (non)queues at the
bar work in England and the confusion this causes to other
nationalities, the best explanation about the English woman’s inability
to take a compliment and – relevant to blogging – the privacy rule
which means that you would never ask a candid newspaper columnist about
private things revealed in their column nor a Page 3 Girl to get her
boobs out at a tea party.

It also has a very funny and revealing update of Nancy Mitford’s U and Non-U language rules with an interesting commentary.

Best of all it is written by Kate Fox, an Oxford anthropologist, and
therefore has precise parameters and full definitions, but in an
intensely readable way.

One Response to “Invisible Queues and Privacy Rules”
  1. Andrea Breau says:

    This book is great, I agree! The bits on pubs were very instructive (espy for UK immigrants like me!).

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