Follow-up to Retox Weekend from Casey’s Blog

But on the downside I need to loose a gajillion stone before this Saturday….

My Great Auntie Lil might be at my uncle’s 50th party…

Oh, Casey love, what happened – you were doing so well?

(Auntie Lil, circa 5 years ago, at one of my Grandparent’s BBQs.)

6 Responses to “Slimfast”
  1. Aren’t relatives awesome? I always get the “Hi Mathew, how are you doing?” “Good thanks” “You look really well”.

    Fuck you, Grandpa, fuck you.

  2. skin & blister says:

    but not quite as good as our aunt Gladys’ comment after meeting my
    boyfriend Charles for the first time (Charles’ parents are Nigerian and
    he was born in London), “Awww, doesn’t he speak good English?”.

    I’ve been daring him to turn up at our family bbq one year wearing
    nothing but a loin-cloth and holding a spear with a dead antelope
    hanging from it and announce “I bring food”.

    Another good one, was Grandma after watching me appear on TV
    programme at the age of about 13 (delicate age), “Oh, so it’s true,
    being on television does make you put on the pounds”. brilliant.

  3. Alison Bell says:

    wore a long, elegant evening dress to a family do and was looked up and
    down by an ex-boyfriend’s aunt (we were together at the time!) who
    proceeded to ask whether I was pregnant. In front of him and his entire
    family. I don’t know who looked more shocked. His mother apologised to
    me the entire way home. I hasten to add I wasn’t and not only that, I
    wasn’t much fatter than I am now!

  4. Lil's nephew says:

    Don’t worry case, Lil will not be there, but Der Management will !

  5. Gond says:

    Hey, I can beat that for humiliating (comment thankfully not made to me).

    My sister-in-law when meeting up with my family this summer: Oh, you look great. Are you loving being a grandmother?

    My sister: Grandmother?!

    I don’t know who was more mortified!

  6. slim fast says:

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