Retox Weekend

Cream Tea at The SwanYou
can’t say that we don’t do it in style. Celebrating out tenth year with
a weekend in the Wold (as Rachel is wont to call Southwold).

We spent a night in The Swan (v swanky but freezing Garden Room) and a night in the Crown (slightly less swanky and v overheated room).

And needless to say we pigged out from the moment we arrived (see
Cream Tea in the Drawing Room at the Swan – which was lovely once the
be-wellied Tabitha and St. John has left with their screaming hoards).
They don’t call it Chelsea-on-sea for nothing – so if Himself looks
slightly less than impressed in the photo you know why!

The mitigating factor to our sheer greed was the massive amount of
walking we did – up and down the front and in a huge loop round

Anyway – the main event foodwise was a fabulous meal at the Swan on Friday night:

Carpaccio of Suffolk Beef Fillet

Served with wild rocket, capers and lemon oil

Roast Loin of Venison

Served with carrot and swede puree, curly kale, roasted beetroot, chestnuts, pancetta lardons and juniper infused jus

Iced Cinnamon and Dried Fruit Parfait

served wirth caramel syrup, compote of Griottine cherries, bitter chocolate sorbet and sesame nougatine

A mere 40KAbsolutely
divine – I was practically hugging myself Mutley-style with each
mouthful. And Himself swears I was purring at my plate like Sparka
purrs at her food bowl.

Everything was perfect from the kir apperatif made with Adnams Fizz down to the homemade petit fours served with coffee.

Other culinary highlights included:

  • Aspalls Cider & Adnams Bitter
  • Plaice & Chips at the Harbour Inn
  • Old Spot Sausage Rolls from the Black Olive Deli
  • Chicken of Aragon Pies from Pieminister
  • Cream Tea at the Swan

I did tell you it was a piggy weekend… A selection of photos.

We are now, as ever, desperately in love with Southwold and
calculate that if we sell our house we could afford a small number of
beach huts (yes, seriously, the first time I visited I saw one for sale
in an estate agent’s window for 40K!).

3 Responses to “Retox Weekend”
  1. Tom Abbott says:

    mmmm adnams – now that’s a nice pint.

    Not as nice as Hook Norton of course, but lovely none the less.

  2. Mathieu says:

    think it was a good subject to write your blog about your holiday it
    seemed to be very exiting, anyway keep on writing it was good!!

  3. Mathieu says:

    I really liked your style of writing, it seemed like a nice 10th birthday to spent the weekend on. If you write
    more blogs you will do well in the future.l

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