Very Posh Chocolate

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L'Artisan du ChocolatHimself and his Dad are doing sterling DIY
work downstairs and having assisted the cause by making lentil soup and
flapjacks (neither of which have been eaten yet so absorbed are they)
I’ve retreated upstairs to the computer.

My lovely and very trendy sister (she works in graphic design in
London darling) bought us some very posh chocolates for Christmas. And,
as they were so nice, we decided not to eat them as part of our
Christmas pig out so we saved them until the New Year.

And they were worth the wait, I dread to think how much she paid for
them. They were from the L’Artisan du Chocolat Couture Collection as
recommended by Gordon Ramsey, Tamasin Day Lewis and others.

Others, including Heston Blummenthal – and small wonder when you
hear the flavours. In our selection box were: banana and thyme,
tobacco, sechuan pepper and sea salted caramel.

We dutifully cut each one in half and sampled. Himself favoured
sechuan pepper and I disappointed myself by preferring the sea salted
caramel. The banana was stronger than the thyme and we felt that the
tobacco was nice while you were eating it but had a very strong

L'Artisan du Chocolat - Sharing

Then we ruined it all by scoffing the rest of the Christmas toblerone!

Toblerone - Not Quite as Posh

4 Responses to “Very Posh Chocolate”
  1. Holly Cruise says:

    Want… chocolate…

  2. Dan Goodman says:

    I had the tobacco ones at Fat Duck and didn’t like them very much – the others sounds mmmmmm (drool)…

    I’d like to have a go at making chocolates myself some time. Just
    think of the fun you could have in thinking of new things to put them

  3. lala says:

    a nice chap and send me a chocolate bar (i’m a lazy obese hopeless
    girl). Plz plz plz do send me one. i lick wind shields for chocolates…

    if i had the chance, i would gobble a chocolate machine…brruuuupp!!!!!

  4. nicka says:

    Personally i prefer a good old bar of cadbury’s. recently, my dad bought some hershey’s from america, and now i am at a dilema: which is better??
    anybody wish to expand this debate?


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