Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Music front cover

The Queen Is Dead
The Smiths
5 out of 5 stars

I had forgotten about the fading and booming bit at the beginning of
this track. I was furiously examining the volume controls on the PC to
see what I’d done inadvertently.

In fact the whole album is not quite as I remembered – the guitar is
far more jangly. Perhaps I’ve been listening to a live concert version?

On another note – the diet starts again on the day after Twelfth
Night. I really couldn’t see the point of starting before we’d finished
off the mountains of supplies that I’d bought for Christmas.

I just can’t help it – having an over-stocked cupboard makes me feel immensely happy and snug and secure.

Mince pie anyone? Stollen? Bit of cheese with celery? Turkey sandwich?

4 Responses to “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”
  1. Bliever says:

    Nuts ?
    Piece of cake ?
    Cup of tea ?

  2. Basspick says:

    for this post…i was searchin the net to see if every1 had that weird
    volume bit at the beginning of “Some Girls are Bigger than Others”.
    what is that about, the rest of the track is awesome but at the
    beginning it sounds like some 12 yr old tit is pissin about with the

    • Joel Melcosky says:

      I was wondering about the volume fading in, out, then in again….. this is what I found compliments of Wikipedia.

      “The recording was given a distinctive intro by engineer Stephen Street, who increased the reverb on the drums, faded the track in then out again, and took the reverb back off when reintroducing the song: “A bit like opening a door, closing it, then opening it again and walking in”

  3. caseyleaver says:

    Thank you Joel – the mystery is uncovered.

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