Black Tuesday’s Swap Shop

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Throwing a WobblerCliff
Arnall, a health psychologist at the University of Cardiff in Wales,
has devised a formula that combines personal and seasonal factors to
calculate the year’s emotional low point.

He says it’s 24 January.

Today I’m prepared to challenge him. Of course that might be
something to do with my elongated Christmas holidays – I haven’t been
in work since 15th December and coming back has been a rude shock.

I’m having to coax myself through the day with the promise of meatballs and pasta napolitana when I get home.

Swap ShopI must make a mental note for this year: having so much time off before Christmas allows Christmas Casey full reign but is bloody miserable in January.

My optimism regarding January snow also looks like it will be
unrewarded – rain and mizzle all the way from here to February
according to the BBC’s monthly outlook.

So – to cheer myself up and to provide a public service I have decided to run a virtual present exchange.

That’s right kids – it’s a January Swap Shop. Leave a comment with
the details of your unwanted gift and we’ll see if we can fix you up.

3 Responses to “Black Tuesday’s Swap Shop”
  1. Bliever says:

    I’m sure its not, but that photo looks remarkably like you circa age 2

  2. annakarana says:

    and young Noel bears a remarkable resemblance to a certain person, circa age 30 ish, what do you think Case?

  3. Bliever says:

    And about 3 stone ago !

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