Warwick’s Future: Get Involved

months of preparation, with the special edition of CommUnicate, the
University newsletter, we have launched the Vice-Chancellor’s
explanation of the challenges facing Warwick and the campaign to
generate innovative tactical suggestions aligned to each challenge.

So far, we have received over 30 suggestions from staff and students
from all parts of the institution – in just under a week. Keep ‘em

If we keep going at this rate, we’ll have at least 150 ideas for Warwick’s future to consider in January.

Which, is what, amongst other things, I’ve been sorting out today:

  1. Advising on the membership for the two panels which will be considering the ideas
  2. Working
    on the criteria against which submissions will be considered (this will
    of course be discussed at length by the Senior Academic and Management
  3. Encouraging heads of departments to hold departmental
    meetings/discussions (a) to demonstrate how serious and sincere this
    process is, and (b) to give people the opportunity for structured
    discussion with colleagues.

Things To Do

I need to ring Quad to discuss more ways of getting students involved.

Other things on my to do list include:

  • Confirming logistics for the January workshop events with the external facilitators
  • Creating briefings for the facilitators
  • Discussing the continuing possibility of a pre-Christmas staff event for the VC


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