Sick to His Boots

Himself has long maintained that cats are notorious for being sick in people’s shoes.

I have no idea where he got this idea from and have been telling him for years that it’s pure rubbish.

So, he was actually distinctly jubilant when yesterday morning Sparka threw up in his slippers.

He managed to retain his humour because he noticed before putting his feet in them.

Natters suggested that it may have been the smell that indicated to her that it was an acceptable place to be sick.

I was crueller and suggested that it was the smell that caused her to throw up.

developing a persecution complex this week (it was flea treatment time)
– yes, we all look forward to, and bare the scars from, that time of
the month.

She seems to have developed a sixth sense about Frontline no matter how devious and subtle I think I’m being.

4 Responses to “Sick to His Boots”
  1. Hannah Veale says:

    cats also have a thing about sitting in the shoes (something to do with
    dominance and effectively being in charge of the humans of the house).
    This trait is also meant to be more pronounced with torties (certainly
    ours has a thing about sitting in shoes, although thankfully has never
    thrown up in them!)

  2. Gond says:

    told that cats go for the smell of sweat. And not just housecats, but
    lions, tigers, panthers, etc. My two (housecats!) are forever sniffing
    around my boots. Hmmm. Haven’t been unlucky enough to have them be sick
    in them, though. They save that for the stairs!

  3. I
    have a rather devious Frontline application technique you could try. I
    wait until Sox is eating, grab/firmly hold her under her front
    legs/body whilst applying the FL with my other hand. She doesn’t like
    it much but by the time she realises its happening and tries to get
    away, its pretty much done!

  4. Ellie Clewlow says:

    Casey – of course you have a cat with an interest in shoes! Make sure you keep your Dorothy ruby slippers out of firing range!

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