What’s Unmissable in Prague?


As a surprise for Himself’s 30th I have arranged a trip to Prague.

Now what? What should we see or do?

Author: caseyleaver

Internal communicator obsessed with eating, preparing and sharing food, and running (off all the food).

3 thoughts on “What’s Unmissable in Prague?”

  1. I went there for a weekend just over 2 years ago.

    it’s at all possible to see the Charles Bridge when it’s not ramping
    with people, that’s one (it’d probably mean being there at stupid
    o’clock though.

    Also; see Don Giovanni at the Estates Theatre, where Mozart premiered it (assuming it’s scheduled)

    The ‘Fred and Ginger’ dancing building is worth a look, as well as Wenceslas Square.

  2. I
    would make a bee line for the castle, it’s across the Charles Bridge (a
    must) and up a steep hill. It’s worth the walk as it has commanding
    views, a great chapel and impressive architecture.

  3. I
    made the stupid o’clock trip to Charles Bridge and thought it was worth
    it. Although it is also fun to negotiate when heaving with traders,
    artists, entertainers & of course tourists!

    My must see list would include: The Castle, its art galleries, parks & grounds. Jewish quarter. Old town square.

    around: wander the narrow cobbled alleys and take your time exploring
    during the climb up to the castle. Take a boat trip on the river. Catch
    trolly/tram across town. Take the funicular railway to Petřn Tower for
    spectacular views.

    Drinking & eating: Good beer &
    the champagne’s very drinkable too! There were some great eating places
    down by the river, some with powerful heaters that allow you to sit
    outside even at this time of year. (It’s a couple of years since I was
    there so I won’t hazard to name places.)

    Enjoy 😀

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