If I Ruled the World

If I ruled the world, ev’ry day would be the first day of spring
Every heart would have a new song to sing
And we’d sing of the joy every morning would bring

My world would be such a beautiful place.

I realised yesterday morning as I was day dreaming while applying my make up that this is a game I play with myself regularly.

(By the way daydreaming whilst applying make up is not a good idea – I stabbed myself in the eye with a mascara wand.)

I was playing “If I ruled my local deli.” – but recent topics have
included “If I ruled the University.”, “If I ruled Coventry.” etc.

So, if I ruled my local deli or a deli it would look like this:

should point out at this stage that the “If I ruled a deli.” concept is
largely stolen from my little sister who has long maintained that we
ought to start a family business – perhaps with a small café attached.)

  • A huge meat counter
    with a couple of slicing machines and best quality bresaola,
    mortadella, pastrami, breaded ham, parma ham, seranno ham, prosciutto,
    smoked turkey, smoked chicken, haslet, chorizos, morcillas etc.
  • A traiteur counter
    with homemade patés, terrines, hoummus, a vast array of prepared and
    marinated vegetables, savoury tartes with thin crisp pastry, scotch
    eggs and pork pies and homemade ready meals.
  • Mountains of cheese
    including tomme de savoie, raclette, vignottes, fourme d’ambert,
    vignotte, munster, livarot, oxford blue, berkswell, Mrs Kirkham’s
    cheddar, taleggio, mozarellas, crottins etc.
  • *Shelves of
    dried goods *including puy lentils, dried tomatoes, peppers and
    mushrooms, a massive variety of dried pastas and rices, pstes and
    purées and vinegars and oils and sauces.
  • And speciality cakes and sweets and biscuits and coffes and wines and spirits. And fresh breads.

I’m running out of steam and starting to sound like Ratty – but I could go on…

You get the picture.

In short I would want to be able to create a multitude of whole meals from the stock.

I wonder round my local delis – I end up picking up a few bits and then
having to go elsewhere to complete my shopping. This is, I feel, a

2 Responses to “If I Ruled the World”
  1. Dan Goodman says:

    Lol at Ratty – that takes me back.

    I would add: some good homemade stuffed pasta and those lovely, incredibly fatty Italian sausages.

  2. skin & blister says:

    think we should actually – i could do the design and packaging and
    everything – we could also stock dad’s pickles and we should have books
    and tables and a canteeny section where we bring out hot food from the
    kitchen at the back, which would include your arancini. and mum can do
    the accounts, or simon. and you could alos be in charge of marketing.
    and i would slao have to travel to exciting places and source exciting

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