Confetti for the Bambine

Follow-up to A Whole Realm of Possibilities from Casey’s Blog

While I’m recommending delis, this is a fabulous one.

I. Camisa

61 Old Compton Street

We used to go at Christmas when we were
children and we’d always come away with little bags of confetti pressed
into our warm sugary mits by the elderly owner.

The pasta and sausages here are amazing – I’d personally recommend the fennel sausages.

warned though – decide what you want while you’re waiting – there is no
room or time for browsing (the service is quick fire and the shop only
wide enough for one abreast)!

3 Responses to “Confetti for the Bambine”
  1. Helen Ryan says:

    Seconded, I remember being taken in there as a kid. I got a little trampled, but it was great anyway!

  2. skin & blister says:

    only recently with mum and dad and announced to mr camisa that he used
    to give me sugared almonds, he went a liittle red in the cheeks and
    then said, ‘well we should keep the tradition going then, shouldn’t
    we?’ and gave me a bag. grin.

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