Mi chiamo Casey. Sono inglese di Essex ma adesso abito a Coventry.
Lavoro all’università di Warwick in l’officina di publicità.

italiano, il lunedì seguo un corso di italiano all’università. Anch’io
parlo il francese e il russo. Vorrei passare le vacanze in Italia, in
la città di Firenze.

Quando non lavoro mi piace preparare gli piatti italiani, amo molto la cucina italiana.

Il sabato spesso visito i negozi. Mi piacciono le scarpe con il tacchi alti.

And here’s what I think I’ve said:

name is Casey. I am English, from Essex, but now I live in Coventry. I
work at the University of Warwick in the Publicity Office.

am studying Italian, on Mondays I take an Italian class at the
University. I also speak French and Russian. I want to go on holiday to
Italy – to Florence.

When I am not working I love cooking Italian dishes – I really like Italian cusine.

On Saturdays I often go shopping. I love high-heeled shoes.*

*Things are tough with a limited vocabulary – hence the bizarre last sentences!

One Response to “”
  1. Simon Young says:

    I wouldn’t worry about what Babelfish thinks but, for comedy value:

    call Casey. They are English of Essex but now dress to Coventry. Job to
    the university of Warwick in the publicità workshop. Italian study, the
    monday I follow a course of Italian to the university. Anch’ I speak to
    the French and the Russian. I would want to pass the vacations in
    Italy, the city of Florence. When job does not appeal to to me to
    prepare the plates Italian, I love the Italian kitchen very. The
    saturday often I visit the storees. Me piacciono the shoes with the
    high heels.

    It’s a long time since I last
    spoke Italian, but it looks pretty good to me and I understood it
    without resorting to the English version (barring your last sentence).

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