In Search of Perfection

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Did anyone else watch this last night? Dan?

– just what I was hoping for. Sausages made with toast-flavoured water
and wood-smoked fat, treacle tart made using a gas chromatograph and
ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen.

What I loved most was
his thorough explanation of why he was doing what he was doing and his
earnest hope and belief that the recipes that he was showing us were
within our domestic grasp.

He even went as far as to show
us how to make ice-cream using dry ice, recognising that liquid
nitrogen is not a domestic ingredient: take your kilogramme block of
dry ice and wrap in in towels before smashing it to pieces with a
rolling pin and adding it to your kitchen aid with your cream mix!

It’s impossible not to like and admire the man.

Heston Blumenthal recipes on the BBC website

2 Responses to “In Search of Perfection”
  1. Dan Goodman says:

    no I didn’t see it although I knew it was on. I will try to catch a
    repeat if there is one. I saw most of his Kitchen Chemistry series on
    the Discovery channel a year or so ago.

  2. Helen Ryan says:

    I saw’d it – it was great. I’m hoping to record the seried for playing in science lessons when I can’t think of anything else!

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