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Last night we talked about learning Italian gestures – apparently an integral part of learning Italian!

I found this great set of videos on the City College of San Francisco website – my favourite set of course is Minacce (Threats).

Truely a great example of e-learning.

This hand gestures index on About is quite good too.

small thing I love – when you answer the phone in Italy you don’t say
Hello, you say Pronto (literally ‘ready’), the other person then says
Pronto in reply. And then you have established that you are both ready
to speak.

But I do need to practice my Italian Rs – a French R is no problem, but an Italian RRRR is at the front of your mouth not the back of your throat.

4 Responses to “Beaux Gestes”
  1. Alison Bell says:

    I did Spanish from scratch as part of my degree and spent hours and hours in my first year practising the Spanish rolled Rs.

    I remember sitting watching my laundry while “purring” to myself…

    It is possible to learn it- I got to the stage where I thought I’d never be able to master it – so don’t give up!

    People do say a foreign accent is quite cute when you speak another language though 😉

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    Alison. Himself was quite alarmed the night before last when he walked
    upstairs and found me staring at a wall repeating:

    Vrrroom, vrrroom, vrrroom.

    over and over again.

    I was close to being involuntarily institutionalised until I explained what I was doing.

  3. Alison Bell says:

    I was teaching I used to use the Edith Piaf song “Rien de rien” with
    gestures (it goes on about sweeping away regrets, so the whole class
    would be on their feet singing and sweeping…) to encourage a good
    French “rrr”.

    …Non, je ne rrrregrrrette rrrrien….

    Surprised the students didn’t have me sectioned…

  4. Stuart Coles says:

    That reminds me of my old Italian housemate in Cambridge.. Pronto! Used to drive me insane!

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