Here Come the Cat Stepper


And she is no kind of lyrical gangster.

she did decide to register her displeasure at our late arrival home
last night by dismembering a mouse and dragging it round the house.

It’s not as if she was even hungry – she hadn’t finished her breakfast.

reason for her displeasure was that Himself had been at college and I
had been at the Language Centre for my first Italian lesson.

Buonasera gatto. Piacera.

can’t be too cross with her at the moment though – we are still feeling
too guilty. We went to change her collar recently and it/she had been
irritating her neck so much that she had no fur left.

is currently collarless (though chipped) and I am paranoid that she is
going to get lost/wander off and that in her collarless state we’ll
never see her again.

2 Responses to “Here Come the Cat Stepper”
  1. Holly Cruise says:

    Best title and opening line combo I’ve seen in a while. Killer cats indeed…

  2. Casey Leaver says:

    I’d like to claim credit – but I stole the line from Himself.

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