I Have Returned

Follow-up to Quiero pedir una cena ahora. from Casey’s Blog

About a stone heavier, not noticably tanned but very happy and with much improved Spanish!

I unreservedly recommend a trip to Seville to everyone – we had the loveliest time.

I took hundreds of photos – but you’ll be relieved to know that I could only be bothered to resize and upload these few…

Outside El Rinconcillo
Inside El Rinconcillo
Casa del Maestro
Posing in Casa de Pilatos
Himself on the Terrace
Mudejah Tiles
Guitar Lessons
Los Reales Alcázares
Place d
Santa Somebody

evening we had a spanish-inspired dish of potatoes, cavello nero, broad
beans and chorizo to try and eke out our holiday even further. (The
chorizo was bathed in cider.)

And I’m about to go
downstairs and make a decidedly more British apple and blackberry
crumble – comfort food because we both have to go back to work
tomorrow… It’ll be ready for when Himself gets back from college.

2 Responses to “I Have Returned”
  1. Kelly Newton says:

    Wow! great pics! Architecture is amazing!!!! x

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