Questions for VC Podcast/ Interview

So far we have the following:

  • What are your thoughts on international strategy?
  • What
    are your current thoughts/plans for raising the international profile
    of the University – and how can we as staff help with that?
  • Will you be pursuing Professor VandeLinde’s vision of a camus in Singapore?
  • What’s the most interesting thing that you’ve found out about Warwick so far?
  • How does Coventry compare to Oxford?
  • What is your vision of a truly sustainable university?
  • What is your position on the hot topic of car parking on campus? Should staff pay more or less?
  • The
    previous Vice-Chancellor was very supportive in developing Children’s
    Services within the University and a new, larger Nursery building at
    Lakeside. What are the new Vice-Chancellor’s views on childcare?
  • Is there a specific project or area that you are interested in developing during your time at Warwick?
  • If you weren’t talking to us what would you be doing today?
  • How will Warwick have changed in 5 year’s time?
  • What were your first impression of Warwick?
  • What research are you working on at the moment?
  • What do you think of students (and some staff) referring to the University as Warwick Ltd.?
  • Would you consider using a blog – and if so what would you put on it?
  • Which other university do you most admire – and why?
  • How does your intellectual work on the place of the university in contemporary society inform the way you approach your role?
  • What plans do you have to help international students with their financial
  • needs?
  • In
    any future strike by lecturers about pay and conditions will you follow
    the VC at Manchester and respect workers right to strike without
    deducting pay or will you follow our previous VC and deduct strikers
  • When you spoke to WBS
    shortly after joining Warwick, you said that you want to see Warwick
    break through the glass ceiling to join universities like Oxford and
    Harvard at the pinnacle of global scholarship. This is a clear and
    challenging vision, but isn’t our location near the uninspiring city of
    Coventry a big hurdle? Put another way, what influence might ‘place’
    have on our capacity to achieve these aspirations?
  • This
    year I received many feedback forms to complete about the academic
    quality provided, but none on many of the other services offered e.g.
    Careers, Administrative and Support Staff within Department ,
    Accommodation, IT including ResNet , Support during
    dissertation/project, Catering on campus , Car Parking. Can something
    be done whilst this is still fresh in peoples minds and so that the
    quality of service can be further improved for future students?


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